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  • Power LinesRoute/Site Selection:

    Knowledgeable agents work with design engineers, surveyors, and construction personnel to select the most cost-effective routes.

  • Title Searches:

    Title specialists conduct electronic or manual research to determine current ownership, type of conveyance and an accurate description of the land conveyed.

  • Cost and Schedule Analysis:

    Detailed cost and schedule analysis is performed to ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budget.

  • Preliminary Permitting:

    Skilled agents work with governmental bodies to identify and obtain all necessary permits and therefore prevent any work stoppages.

  • Environmental Scoping:

    Seasoned agents work with environmental companies to assure all environmental concerns are addressed.

  • Survey/Mapping:

    MLS works closely with survey and engineering to provide error-free legal descriptions and maps as well as provide landowner notifications and ingress/egress routes.

  • Appraisals:

    MLS works with qualified appraisal companies to establish fair market value to support cost estimates and negotiations.

  • Negotiations:

    Skilled agents keep the best interest of the client and the property owner foremost in all negotiations.

  • Relocation/Damage Settlements:

    Successful settlements deliver prompt and courteous resolution.